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Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Big Data in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability and Circular Economy

Basic course and mentoring program

Note: All the teaching materials are available from the Moodle webpage of the course. This page aims to give the students quick access to the material, but you could NOT use this page to communicate with the mentors or upload your homework and tasks. Homework, tasks and discussion should be uploaded and taken using the Moodle webpage (

Materials for Module1: Knowledge base

  • Q/A session and open discussion
  • Homework and tasks: discuss with your colleagues (as a group discussion) and come with an idea of a project that you would like to perform in your future career.

Video clips in Spanish (for students from Alicante University)

Materials for Module2: Entrepreneurial basics

Find out what it takes to be(come) an entrepreneur. What are key questions you should ask before you start at business? Who are people you should cooperate with? What are some of the most common pitfalls for start-ups.

What is a business model? Why are there so many? Which one sounds right for what I would like to do?

Materials for Module3: Sustainability & CE

The lecture

Dave Gorman´s interview

Powerpoint presentations

Tasks to do

Interactive Atlas

Podcast by Francisco Jesús Frías Tenza

Materials for Module4: Big data & AI

Introduction to big data by Prof. Valentina Markova (TU Varna)

Introduction to artificial intelligence-part1 by Prof. Todor Ganchev

Introduction to artificial intelligence-part1´s discussion by Prof. Todor Ganchev

Introduction to artificial intelligence-part2 by Prof. Todor Ganchev

Introduction to artificial intelligence-part2´s discussion by Prof. Todor Ganchev

Introduction to artificial intelligence-Homework by Prof. Angel Marinov




Assignment_2_CSV file:

Materials for Module5: Innovation

Coming soon

Materials for conclusion session

Coming soon