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Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP)

The CloudEARTHi´s IVAP to build innovation capacity includes six actions within four domains. These four domains and actions are:

Domain 1 – Fostering institutional engagement & change

  • Enhance the scale & scope of student engagement activities
  • Infrastructure development

Domain 2 – Strengthening partnerships (knowledge triangle integration)

  • Establish new and enhancing the nature, content and type of collaborations with external partners, including businesses, research organisations, governmental bodies, NGOs & other societal partners

Domain 3 – Contribution to developing innovations & businesses

  • Develop structures & conditions for people to create or develop their businesses & startups

Domain 4 – Enhancing the quality of innovation & entrepreneurial education

  • Develop or improve innovation & entrepreneurial curricula
  • Develop innovation and entrepreneurial training programs and mentoring schemes for staff & students