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Erasmus+ is an essential tool to promote people-to-people connectivity worldwide through its external dimension, aiming at cementing links between the European Education Area and the rest of the world.

CloudEARTHi provides staff and students with information, application forms and a guide to applying for Erasmus+. To get the most out of CloudEARTHi, we encourage you to link your application to the objectives of the CloudEARTH initiative. The CloudEARTHi team is willing to help with the application.

The following are available and open opportunities:

Erasmus+ exchange for employees 2021/2022 (only for academic and non-academic staff including PhD students of UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

Although the deadline passed, your application will be on the waiting list.

Scientists (including PhD students/postdocs) and technical/administrative staff at UiT can apply for mobility grants for teaching and training in Europe. Additionally, this year is also the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to stay in countries outside the EU / EEA / EFTA.

You can apply for support for teaching stays (teaching), competence building (job shadowing / observation periods / training), International Staff Weeks / Days and language courses. It is now also possible for employees to apply for mobility funds for so-called blended mobility, a combination of physical and virtual mobility.

Support is provided to cover costs in connection with travel and accommodation. You can apply for a stay from 2 or 5 days (depending on where you travel) to up to 2 months (excluding travel). Normally, support is granted for 1-2 weeks so that as many people as possible at UiT can receive a scholarship. For teaching stays, a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week is required. A combination of a teaching / training stay is also possible. This reduces the number of teaching hours per week. The Erasmus + program focuses on “green travel” and provides additional funding to those who choose low-carbon travel methods.

Countries you can travel to are the Erasmus + program countries, which include the 27 EU countries and the two EFTA / EEA countries Iceland and Lichtenstein, as well as Northern Markedonia, Turkey and Serbia. From the academic year 2021/2022, it will also be possible to apply for scholarships for travel to the partner countries in Erasmus +, ie countries outside the EU / EFTA / EEA. UiT has the opportunity to set aside up to 20% of the total Erasmus + mobility funds for this purpose.

The application form ( Mobility Agreement ) for either teaching or training must be signed by both UiT (yourself and the immediate manager) and the receiving institution; UiT has Erasmus code: NTROMSO01.

More about Erasmus + Key Action 1 (Learning Mobility of Individuals (European Commission)

UiT wants as many people as possible to be awarded, and people who have not previously received support before will be given priority. Support can be given to up to 2 people on the same trip, but it is then desirable that a scientific and a technical-administrative travel together. UiT is also concerned with creating the conditions so that all employees can make use of the Erasmus + employee scholarships. If you have special needs, additional funding can be applied for. Contact senior adviser Elin Ryseth ( in the Section for International Cooperation if you have questions about this

The number of awards depends on how many scholarships we receive from the European Commission. For many applications, one can choose to support several shorter stays (one week).

For more information on the exchange to the UK after Brexit and on guidelines regarding Covid-19, see the announcement text.

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (Global mobility – a call to form partnerships with universities outside the European Union)

The internal deadline is 17th February 2022 (for UiT applications)

The final deadline to Brussels is 23-02-2022 12:00:00 (Brussels time)

Are you interested in setting up partnerships with universities outside the European Union, or in exchanges of students and staff with organisations beyond the EU borders? Apply for the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM) subsidy. The European Erasmus+ ‘International Credit Mobility’ (KA 171) programme facilitates the exchange of bachelor’s and master’s students, PhD candidates and staff with universities outside the European Union.

This is an application mobility between Norway and all countries outside EU (+Norway/Lichtenstein/Iceland) for students and staff.

To increase your success rate, you may link your project description to the CloudEARTHi project. The team of CloudEARTHi is willing to help you write the application (please send an email to We support all participants who contributed to the CloudEARTH initiative to contact us to apply for this opportunity.