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Detecting, Quantifying and Reducing Methane Emissions. 

Man-made methane emissions are a huge issue. Stopping these emissions from the oil & gas sector alone would be equivalent to taking all vehicles off the road globally.

With the use of gas as a net-zero transition fuel, reducing these emissions will be key to hitting our net-zero targets.

Currently the industry relies on inaccurate emission estimates to report and make decisions. Emissions have been found to be between 50-70% larger than current estimates, and making decisions based on inaccurate data can create real business risks.

Orbio utilises satellite data to capture images of methane every 4 days from any site on earth. Orbio then cross-analyse this satellite emissions data with non-emission datasets to help offer insights around how to diagnose and reduce these emission events over time. This is packaged into a web platform that provides different features that enable teams internally to understand the emissions profile of an asset, company and/or region.