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Fundamentals of machine learning, AI and big data

Основи на изкуствения интелект

(29 November – 14:30 CET / onsite – Conference hall – TU-Varna – Bulgarian)

Основи на Big data и практически аспекти на изкуствения интелект и машинното обучение

(28 November – 09:15 CET / onsite – Conference hall – TU-Varna – Bulgarian)

Artificial intelligence – basics

(2nd December – 14:15 CET / online – English)

Big data basics and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

(9 December – 14:15 CET / online – English)

Online/onsite (Conference hall – TU-Varna)

Free of charge

Certificate upon completing the course


Assoc. Prof. Firgan Feradov

Assist prof.  Miroslav Markov

The courses in “Artificial Intelligence” introduce students to the basic elements and approaches used in the field of artificial intelligence, including automated classification and detection, machine learning and design of adaptive systems. The lectures examine the core elements and tasks in systems with artificial intelligence – creation of data bases, feature selection and calculation, feature scoring, classification algorithms, system evaluation and others. In addition, the course includes an overview on database design and creation, as well as Big data processing, and presents practical approaches and solutions to tasks from the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The course is aimed at student with no prior knowledge on the topics.

Record of the AI lecture (part1)

Record of the AI lecture (part2)